Watch Auction – October 4

Fantastic American Railroad Watch Collection!

Ball, Hampden, Hamilton, Howard, Rockford, Illinois, South Bend, Waltham and more. Rare 23 jewel Bunn Specials, 946 Hamilton, Studebaker, 104 Hampdens. Several SOLID GOLD.

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Online bidding ends October 4, 2020 on Proxibid.

Watches are wound and set when cataloged. If they tick and set, that’s what that means – I do not check to see if they keep time over any extended period. The consignor did not keep service histories but many of these watches were cleaned when he purchased them – but that could be 25 years ago. Sending watches by air sometimes causes issues. I have only had one watch damaged in years of mailing them – we pack them like they were eggshells. We do not scrap classic watches. If you buy a watch as scrap, that is your business, but I won’t pull a movement and weigh a case. Use your judgement. I do not test cases – if it says 14K on a watch from a major case company, that is how I have cataloged it. My main resource for research on American watches is the Pocket Watch Database – if you haven’t checked it out, you should. Invaluable resource. I also use the old Shugart book and Roy Erhardt’s pocket watch guide, which is still the best resource for private labels that I know of. Abbreviations should be obvious, but if you are new to the hobby: YGF is yellow gold filled, WGF white gold filled, LS lever set, PS pendent set, OF open face, and HC hunter case. Happy Hunting!